An Open Letter to College Freshmen

Dear incoming college freshmen,

Congrats on your first semester in college! I know EXACTLY how you feel right now…. you’re excited about getting to know new people, starting classes, and beginning this new life being away from home for the first time. Those same things your excited about are also the same things you are terrified about, am I right? You’re thinking about things like how you’re going to find all your classes and how your going to meet new people. Well good news is, just about everyone in your freshmen class is feeling the same way!

I just graduated college in May and let me tell you….. time flies. I still remember perfectly the amazing feeling of setting up your dorm room and choosing your outfit for the first day. It’s a feeling I will never forget, so make sure you really take it in.

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Remember the reason you are there. I know it’s tempting to go out every night and live it up but make sure you also take time to do your work and study. I know, I know….. I sound like your mom. However, college is a big transition and I know a lot of people who flunked out the semester just for that reason so make sure you have a good hold on your workload.

Go to that club fair at the beginning of the year! You will find clubs that will bring you to the people who will be in your life for the rest of your college career. I joined Fashion Society my first year and ended up being a council member for it my senior year! You never know where the clubs will take you. Also, usually there are hundreds of clubs to choose from, so I know there will be something that interests you!

College is a lot of fun, but there is its share of hard times like the first time you  get sick without your parents there to take care of you. But you WILL get through it and you’ll feel like a champion when you make it out! Ugh food poisoning was the worst during finals week. The next year I had an insane ear infection during finals week. This leads me to……

Take care of yourself! This includes eating regularly, going to the gym, taking a break every now and then, etc. That is the best way to stay healthy. My senior year I was the healthiest because I regularly went to the gym, took me time, and spent a lot of time with people who were going through the same things I was: my AMAZING classmates turned out to be my best friends and we are still each others biggest supporters! I also had the greatest professors and coworkers.  Ugh I miss them!


College will be one of those times you look back on for a long time and make you think about all the good (and hard) times you experienced. When it’s all over, you’ll think about all the amazing things you accomplished and how all the late nights and long papers were worth it. Right now though, take it in. Go to the start of semester events, go to karaoke nights, the concerts, the events held in your department, and the pizza parties. Those are going to be the moments you treasure the most. Get to know your classmates and professors, they are probably going to end up being your friends for the rest of your life. Look for the best in everything you do. Some of the hardest projects and papers I did are some of my proudest work and taught me things that I will never forget. This blog started as an assignment and look where it is now!

Never forget that you CAN do this!


Autumn (c/o 2019)


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