Long Flight Survival Guide

Hello, what’s up you guys? If you have ever been on a super long flight, you will know the struggle of cramped legs and being pushed onto people who you may not know. It almost makes it seem like the flights are even longer than the flight tracker says! After all my time in the air, I have come up with a few tips to make it feel like time literally “flies by!”

In-Flight Entertainment

Some flights don’t have this amazing feature, but if there is…. Utilize it! This may be a given, but airlines often offer a wide variety of movies (even a selection of new releases) to entertain you during the flight. I’ve found that if you put on a movie and settle down,the hours will fly by! I watched 3 new movies during my latest flight, and it seemed like time passed really quickly. There are often games, TV shows, and music provided as well, so make sure to explore the offerings. An older gentleman in front of me played a word game for 5 HOURS STRAIGHT. Before you know it, you’ll be onto the next movie (or game) and the hours pass before your eyes.

Have a back-up plan!

While in-flight entertainment is great, sometimes it might not work. On my flight home from England, my screen was faulty and paused up. There was nothing the flight attendants could do, so it was a VERY long flight. Make sure you download some movies and TV shows on Netflix, and download some Spotify playlists to keep you busy in case something similar happens to you.

Don’t keep checking the time!

I know how tempting it is to sit and watch the Flight tracker…. it’s fun! However, if you keep that screen up constantly or keep checking the time, it will feel like watching a pot and waiting for it to boil.

Hoard those snacks!

Even if you aren’t hungry when flight attendants are bringing around complimentary goodies, still ask for something! You can put it away until you are hungry. Since long flights usually have a lot of people on board, they may not be able to come around again until waaaaaaay later, so you will be grateful for that bag of Cheez-its later!

Get to know the people around you.

Whether you are flying alone or split up from the rest of your group (like my husband and I were last flight), its always cool to get to know the people around you! I sat next to a lovely couple who actually lived on the same island that my husband I just moved to. They gave me tons of tips and tricks about adjusting to life in Hawaii, and we even exchanged numbers so I can let them know when we venture closer to were they live. You never know who you will be able to meet on board!

Have your electronic chargers on hand.

When you have a long flight, chances are that you’re spending a great deal of time on your phone. Make sure you have your chargers in an easy to reach area either in your carry-on, in the seat pocket so you can use the charging ports that are usually found on the seats in front of you. Then you won’t have to stress when you’re only a few hours into your second flight and you are at 20%.

How are some ways that you survive long flights? Let me know in the comment section below!

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