Our New Puppy Adventure

Hello everyone! We are finally moved into our house for good, our car is here, and our household goods are here. That means we are finally getting back into the swing of things and getting back to our normal schedule. Hallelujah!

So a few weeks ago, we decided to add onto our family and we adopted a 2 month old puppy! Everyone meet Ali, our retriever hound mix. He has been such a little blessing in our life, and I know he was meant to be in our lives.

His adoption story is a little funny because we weren’t expecting to go to adopt right then. There was a Humane Society adoption day at the NEX (Navy Exchange Mall) and we went just to ask questions because we were still living in a hotel. We knew we wanted a dog but were thinking that we would get one in a few weeks. However, once they brought the puppies out, we knew he was the one! He was really skinny and had these huge puppy dog eyes and big ears that stuck straight up. One of his ears folded back-wards and I could not get over how much of a cutie he was. It was all over when I held him. My husband asked me if I wanted him, I was almost in tears as I peeped out a quiet “yessssssss.”

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We adopted him that day and the weeks since have been so much fun but also super stressful. The first few days I didn’t sleep at all because he was constantly crying or getting up for the bathroom. I was exhausted, I cried, I was worried me made the wrong decision. Everyday he gets easier to take care of.  For now, he is mostly potty trained on his puppy pee mats (more on those later), he learned how to sit, he can sleep almost all night, and he can stay in his crate for about 4 hours without wetting his bed. We are super proud of this little guy for all he has accomplished in the last few weeks!

So ideally he wouldn’t need to use potty pads, but the state of Hawaii is really strict about Parvo. Since Ali is only two months, he has only had his first round of puppy shots so he isn’t  allowed to go outside without us carrying him. Since we just moved into our house and don’t know the people or animals who have been here in the past year, our veterinarian strongly suggested we don’t let him in the backyard either until he has all of his puppy shots. This has made potty training and socialization hard. We have brought him to my husbands work and to the store so he has met a lot of people, but he really needs to meet other dogs.

One day, we went to Petco, and found out about puppy playtime that is completely safe for puppies with their first round of shots. They sanitize the area between each session so it is safe for the puppies to meet each other. We brought Ali last week and he did amazing! He played with two puppies (a German Shepard and a Pitbull) that were three times his size and he wasn’t even scared. Even the trainer supervising said she was impressed because usually puppies take some time before they are comfortable around other dogs. While there, we were introduced to puppy training courses and decided to sign him up so we can learn how to better train him and so that he can socialize with more puppies since there are supposed to be 5 others in his class. I am sooooo excited for him to start! Also, you should have seen me yesterday. I felt like I was taking my child to preschool for the first time, and then afterwards I was such a proud mom it was crazy.


We have found a great veterinary hospital only a mile from the house that has been so good to us so far. Ali contracted kennel cough from the few days he spent at the shelter, and they gave us medicine and even called a week later to check up on him. They have also dealt with our crazy first time puppy parent questions. (Ali is 100% better now!)

Ali is such a good puppy, but we are struggling with his puppy biting and chewing, so we are excited for these classes since lessons on those topics are part of his 12 week course.

Hawaii has treated us really well so far, and I cannot wait to keep you all updated on Ali’s growth!

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Do you have a puppy? Let me know in the comments below!

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