My 2020 Goals

Happy New Year! My husband and I did not stay up until midnight, (is this what adulthood is?) but we did stay up through our family’s New Year. Thankfully midnight their time is 7 PM ours, so it worked out! I have been doing a lot of thought about what my goals are for this upcoming year. It feels like a clean slate and I can mold into anything I want to. This is probably going to be your stereotypical New Year, New Me post. This blog is more for me to track my goals than anything else, but maybe it will hold me accountable! Side Note: I just pressed shuffle on one of my old Spotify playlists and one of Justin Timberlake’s songs off his album The 20/20 Experience came on and honestly what perfect timing.

Blog every week.

I have been terribly slacking since we moved to Hawaii, so I really want to hop back on and start blogging again. I miss it and I really need to set aside time every week to write. I already bought my planner for 2020 and have started planning out post ideas, so hopefully I can stay on top of it this year. I honestly have no excuse at this point!

Read more classics.

I have always been into classic books, but I realized I haven’t picked any up in awhile. I have read many of them that were edited into children’s classics, however I want to experience them in their full length glory. I bought this Top 100 Books scratch off poster (link here!) that is really fun and can help you document as you finish each of the classics. I was surprised to see I only knocked off 9 of the 100. In 2020 I want to get a big chunk crossed off. The sad thing is that I went to the library and checked out a few, but some of them were last checked out a whole 10 years ago. Ugh, it makes me sad people don’t read the way they used to.


Pick up a new hobby.

I am thinking sewing or needlework or something. Maybe I will start drawing again. Maybe I will pick up more than one hobby! I’m getting excited just thinking about all the possibilities. I have always been an artsy person so my hobby will probably be something artistic. I’ll keep you updated.


Hawaii is amazing, and we have been doing a lot of exploring but I want to learn even more about the culture here. This place is so rich with history, that I just want to soak it all in. I want to visit more off the grid places, try more native food, and experience more things that only Hawaii has to offer.


Be kinder to myself.

There have been moments this year when I have been hateful towards myself, and that needs to stop. This year I am going to try harder to be completely kind and loving towards myself and my body. That means eating healthier, drinking more water, and just loving the skin I’m in.


2020, I am ready for you!

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