How We Found Out We Were Pregnant

If anyone is still following, you may not remember me or my blog. That’s okay, my blog is mainly a diary for myself to look back on and see how I have grown overtime. That’s why I have truly missed blogging and the release it gave me from everyday stressors. I missed being able to share my story with others and having something that is truly all my own that I have built up and grown over the months. So, that’s why I bought a new laptop (my other one decided it doesn’t want to cooperate anymore) and am trying to make blogging a priority again.

Life has changed a lot since I last posted. I am still living in Hawaii with my husband and our doggo. However now, we have another dog named Arnie who was a stray that we rescued a little over a year ago. We also now have a baby girl on the way! She will be here in October, and we cannot wait to welcome her into this world! This pregnancy has been a whirlwind so far. It feels like just yesterday that we found out, and now here we are going into the third trimester in a couple weeks.

How did we find out?

When we started trying to get pregnant after I graduated college, we were under the impression that we would get pregnant right away. It seemed like so many people were getting pregnant so fast and easy. That was NOT the case. Once we moved to Hawaii, I told my doctor that we had been trying and it hadn’t worked. He said to wait another year and then we could talk about fertility treatments. We were feeling really discouraged, as we had already been trying for over a year and every month my period came or we had a negative pregnancy test. There were a few times that we really thought we had succeeded. I even went and had my blood tested because I was for sure there was a very faint line on one of my tests. Maybe there was, but by the time I went and got the blood test, it was negative.

Finally, the year passed and we decided to go and talk to the doctor about the next step. My husband was tested and was normal. I was going to get tested that week to see if I was the one who needed the assistance. I was so nervous. The doctor said that once my period came I could go get the tests done that I needed to. I waited…… and waited….. and my period was not coming. I had symptoms like I was about to start, but it never came. Andres was at work and I was so tempted to take a test, but we had decided not to because every time we did, it was always negative and we were always disappointed. However, after I dropped Andres off, I went to the store to buy a test because I just had a feeling that something was different this time. I prayed the whole way to the store saying “God if it’s in your will, let this be.”

I went straight home and took the test. The whole time I was shaking and trying not to get too excited. All of a sudden the lines popped up, and I just fell to the floor and cried, thanking God for answering our prayers. I tried so hard to wait to tell my husband, but he wouldn’t be home until really late and I needed to tell someone. I facetimed him at work (whoops) and he was worried something was wrong because I was crying. I showed him the tests, and I will never forget how excited and shocked he was. This was truly an answered prayer for us.

My brother-in-law was staying with us at the time, so we told him next, but then waited to tell the rest of the family until my husband got home that afternoon. They were all so excited and we asked for prayers because we knew it was so early, and we hadn’t gotten the results of our blood work yet. I called my doctor and went and got my blood work that day, but we were still waiting on the results. The next day, we got a call and they said “Congratulations!” Boy, were we relieved.

The thing that I cannot get over is that it happened LITERALLY the month we finally got fertility appointments. However, God’s timing is always perfect, and I see how perfect right now is for us everyday. First of all, it worked out perfectly with our work. Second of all, the week before our OB appointments began, our hospital started allowing spouses to come to all the appointments. So far, he has been able to go to all the appointments with me, so we have been super blessed.

I have learned so much during the duration of this pregnancy that I cannot wait to share with you. Although I am back, I’m not going to put as much pressure on myself to get blogs out weekly or at a certain time. I want to make it something I continue to enjoy throughout time. A no stress hobby! If you are still reading, thank you so much for sticking with me.

How did you find out about your pregnancy? Let me know in the comments below!

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